2014 - A Year of Celebration

As promised the year 2014 is going to be one of "Celebration" in Rockbridge County and the surrounding area.


Friends of Barnabas

As we enter into the 2014 competition year at The Virginia Horse Trials, we are very excited about all the "Celebrations" that will be happening, which will be detailed in the next update.

Penny and Brian are leaving town on a non-horsey trip to Honduras in June. This is going to be a Mission Trip with a group known as “Friends of Barnabas”, headed by our friend from church Doris Fredricksen. It will involve medical and dental treatment for people of all ages in several different villages in the interior of the country.


2014 Activities

VHT Complete Calendar of Riding Activities

Links to Online and Print Entry forms will be posted as available.

ENTER ONLINE!  (online or offline payment available) If you register and log in much of your information will be filled out! You can also see which events you have registered for online in your profile. Upcoming events open for registration:

Toad Hollow Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese - Show Jumping Fix a Test w/ Mark Combs

Sun Feb 16

Plain Dealing Farm Fix a Tests Dressage w/Brian Ross & SJ w/Mark Combs, Open XC Schooling

Sat March 1

Plain Dealing Farm Schooling Horse Trials

Sun March 2

Wavertree Hall Equestrian Center, "Wine and Cheese, Dressage, SJ Fix a Test” w/ Brian & Mark weather permit open XC school


Thoroughbred Celebration Horse Show, Virginia Horse Center

March 14-16

VHT Cross-Country Schooling

Sat March 29

VA Starter Horse Trials, CT, Dressage, & Schooling

Sun March 30

Maury River Hunter Trials

Sat April 5

Virginia Trail Riders, Inc - The Homestead 100, 50 mile & pleasure ride

April 7–10

Wavertree Hall Fix a Test Dressage, SJ, and open XC schooling w/ Brian & Mark


Wavertree Hall   Schooling Dressage and Horse Trial


Maury River Hunter Pace @ VHC

Sat April 19

Millington Stables Combined Tests and Dressage Schooling Show

Sat May 3

Virginia Horse Trials and International CCI* & CCI**

May 22-25

Cedar Creek HT, CT and Dressage Schooling Show

Sat. June 7

Brookhill Jumping Derby 18" - 2'11" Start Time 4:00 pm

Tues June 10

Brookhill Jumping Derby 2'11" - 4' Start Time 4:00 pm

Thurs June 12

Plain Dealing Farm open Cross Country Schooling, Dressage and Show Jumping Fix-a-Test

Sat July 5

Plain Dealing Farm HT, CT and Dressage Schooling Show

Sun July 6

Toad Hollow CT and Dressage Schooling Show

Sat July 19

Toad Hollow CT and Dressage Schooling Show

Sat Aug 16

VHT Cross-Country Schooling

Sat Aug 30

VA Starter Horse Trials and CT

Sun Aug 31

Maury River Hunter Pace @ VHC

Sat Sept 6

Gordonsdale XC Schooling Day, Berryville

 Sept. 20, 2014

Gordonsdale Starter Horse Trials,Berryville

Sept. 21 2014

Sunrise Hunter Pace

Sun Oct 5

VA Traill Riders, Inc - The Homestead 30 mile & pleasure ride

Oct 13-15

Virginia Horse Trials and International CCI*     Adult Team Challenge,

Oct 30 - Nov 2